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The SOX module hazard and risk analysis (HARA) elicit your security needs and assemble various safety reviews (SIL, ASIL, PL, etc.).
The EnCo SOX HARA allows the allocation, management, and evaluation of functions, malfunctions, effects, hazards, operating conditions, and safety objectives. The evaluation matrix facilitates the individual assembly of different ASIL reviews. Selected aspects can be filtered, sorted and viewed in a variety of configurations.
Use more SOX modules to hand over defined security requirements to the SOX System Design (SysML / UML), the security concept modeling (FSK / TSK), requirements management (RIF, ReqIF) or SOX Analysis FMEA (VDA 6), FMEDA and FTA.

Hazard and Risk Analysis

The SOX HARA module assists you in hazard and risk analysis, taking into account relevant standards such as ISO 26262 (ASIL), IEC 61508 (SIL), ISO 25119 (AGPL), MRL ISO 12100/14121, MIL-882, ISO 13849, ISO 62061, ISO 61511. By defining the safety standard, you are provided with all the necessary parameters that you need to calculate the safety level. The SOX HARA Editor offers you extensive filter and layout options so you always keep track.


Safety Traces

Once created System Elements, Functions, Malfunctions, and Safety Goals are stored in your database and can be used as often as desired by different users and other SOX modules. This bidirectional connection allows you to have a parallel system design in the SOX SD module. In addition, the safety levels calculated in the HARA module are automatically transferred to the quantitative and qualitative (FMEA, FMEDA, FTA) analyzes.

Permutation Algorithmics

With just a few clicks, the Intuitive Permutation Matrix enables you to create a comprehensive HARA with all sorts of combinations of situations, effects, events and much more.


Individual Choice Lists

SOX allows you to create your own choice lists with self-defined parameters that can be used globally. An extensive editor supports you in defining your desired parameters. In addition, you can create different language variants that are displayed to your users according to their Workbench settings.

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