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Create test cases based on your requirements in SOX and pass them to their specific testing tools. Please approach us for specific data outputs. We will adjust the output in XML so you can pass SOX test cases along to your test tools and read back the status, so as to generate maximum assistance in the preparation of your project-related traceability.

Creation and Maintaining of Individual Test Plans

Create test plans according to your own specifications. Distribute responsibilities and milestones, keeping an eye on your defined goals. SOX supports you with a supplied template, which helps you to keep all relevant information for a detailed test plan.

Test Plan
Structure of Test Modul

Flexible Structuring of Test Groups, Test Suites & Test Cases

Organize your test cases into logical groups. Structure your test cases by arranging them in a multi-level hierarchy. Test groups, test suites, and test cases can be moved by simple drag & drop. In addition, you have the opportunity through the reusable objects in SOX to produce a variety of recurring test cases in a short time.

Test Runs

Record all your test results in test runs. This allows you to perform logically structured test cases that you have combined in test suites and test groups in one test run. In addition, test cases can be added to test runs as required using drag & drop. When running test runs, you will be guided through each test step and provided with useful functions such as rating entire test cases or reusing comments.

Test Run
Alignment Requirements and TC

Links to Requirements (Coverage Analysis)

Due to the SOX interface, test cases can simply be linked to requirements using drag & drop. The tabular structure of the test editor gives you all the necessary information about the test results of the linked requirements at a glance. This gives you a complete overview of the test coverage of all your requirements in a short time.

Workflow Support

Define custom workflows using a graphical workflow editor that best suit your business. Create your own status and status transitions.

Test Module State Machine
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