Simultaneous collaboration with synchronizing all data changes in real-time.


Centralized management and creation of all UML / SysML standard objects with a bidirectional connection to SOX modules.


Unique server database for mapping all development engineering processes without toolchains.


Tool confidence level (TCL) 2 according to ISO 26262.

Server Database

Unique powerful server database structure that enables a centralized data management and simultaneous multi-user functionality to achieve the highest standard of collaboration in complex systems. The server supports a wide variety of database types, so it integrates perfectly with your existing IT infrastructure.

Multi User

SOX enables collaborative and simultaneous multi-user functionality. The synchronization takes place in real time. The comment feature allows you to share important information about your project collaborators.

Administration & Rolemangement

Assign Rights & Roles to your project members and, if necessary, limit their scope of action down to the object level. You have complete control over who sees what and who can change things.

State Machine

Define custom workflows that best suit your business needs using a graphical workflow editor. Create your own status and status transitions.

System Design

Determining the project scope. Working with SysML/UML
elements and offers interfaces to tools readily available on the market. The
hierarchical view enables the user to intuitively create, edit and manage
system elements, functions, malfunctions and requirements and further SysML/UML elements and diagrams.

Requirements Engineering

Modern Requirements Management, as the basic of Engineering Processes,
permits the continuous traceability of the request of all development
artifacts across up to the test result. The type of requirement can be freely
specified and include number of attributes.

QA & Testing

Create individual test suits, test cases and test steps that meet your requirements to enable comprehensive verification and validation of your requirements. For the necessary consistency, SOX supports you with a test guide. With Test Runs you can reuse test cases in different project versions and thus save considerable time and effort.

Risk Management

SOX supports you in hazard and risk analysis, taking into account relevant standards such as ISO 26262 (ASIL), IEC 61508 (SIL), ISO 25119 (AGPL), MRL ISO 12100/14121, MIL-882, ISO 13849, ISO 62061, ISO 61511. By defining the safety standard, you are provided with all the necessary parameters that you need to calculate and define a safety level.

Safety & Security Analaysis

SOX supports Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and Failure Modes Effects and Diagnostic Analysis (FMEDA) and Fault Tree Analysis (FTA). For analysis and optimization, you can rely on the existing system design and thus implement traceability throughout the entire project.


Since all SOX modules use the same database, SOX guarantees you traceability from Begin to the end of your project, as well as during all phases of your process. The Traceability Matrix helps you to identify missing relationships which can be added by one click.

Suspect Links

Mark relationships as suspect to highlight them for review. Determine if changes to an object affect the inbound or outbound objects.


The intelligence of SOX is augmented by the comprehensive and highly practical catalogs. The versionable catalogs not only make it possible to import and export XML files but also enable them to be partitioned according to the user’s needs. This means that upon defining the project and required system components, the catalog makes available only the information you require for your project.


Create different versions of your entire projects. Track the current status of your projects and a complete change history of all your baseline needs.

Review & Report

SOX gives you the opportunity to generate extensive and detailed reports. You can also export the reports in various file formats such as Ecel, Word, PDF, XML.


In addition to standard import and export capabilities in RIF / ReqIF, MSR-FMEA, Matlab Simulink, Enterprise Architect, SysML / UML, IBM Rational Rhapsody, Excel and Word formats, EnCo develops on request APIs to connect their existing engineering tools (code beamer , Polarion, Isograph, Ptc, Apis …)

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