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The SOX Requirements module offers a complete solution for managing, tracking and analyzing requirements. Import your product requirements specifications from Excel®, Word®, ReqIF or Rif and create the functional specification document in SOX. For this, you can reuse data former projects from the server-based catalog and compare different concepts.

Customizable Editor

Easily creation of complex Requirement or specification documents by editing documents directly in a customizable editor


Authoring & Management

Using an integrated WYSIWYG editor shipped with several format options. In addition, use drag & drop for adding pictures.


Individual Attributes

Due to the individually designable structure of the requirements, SOX offers you the opportunity, easily to respond to the expectations of your stakeholders.


Linking Test Cases & Coverage Analysis

Due to the interface of SOX, predefined test cases from the SOX Test Module can easily be linked to requirements via drag & drop. The tabular structure of the requirements editor also provides you with all the necessary information about the test results of the linked requirements at a glance. This gives you a complete overview of the test coverage of all your requirements in a short time.

Req Testmodul_1


Track the current status of your projects, including all of your requirements, and track a complete change history of all your requirements in baselines. Take a snapshot of a custom configuration of requirements and compare different versions and baselines in SOX’s extensive difference analysis.

Import with Merge Function and Difference Analysis

Commit your requirements from your specifications from Excel to SOX in a few seconds and create comprehensive specifications that your clients will be 100% satisfied with. For this, use the difference analysis in which you can respond to changes accordingly and take them over with just a few clicks.



The Requirements module offers many integration solutions into your engineering environment with different data formats like RIF/ReqIF import/export (e.g. DOORS), Excel and Word import/export and bidirectional UML/SysML interface.

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