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Download Feature List
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Download SOX Flyer

Calculate required probabilities in the SOX module FTA and track the progress of your analysis with the possibility to consign a status and to assign tasks.
As an FTA software, the SOX module FTA provides the possibility, besides the option to display variants, to take over hardware and system effects of the FMEA or failure modes from the FMEDA and to link them simply by drag & drop. Sources and effects of risks are therefore systematically identified and eliminated with appropriate countermeasures (e.g. diagnoses).

Modelling of Fault Trees

Model large fault trees by creating all standard FTA gates and events via drag & drop. Page Breaks keep track of complex fault trees. If you have already formed an error net in an FMEA, you can use this and the corresponding FIT value from the Reliability analysis with just a few clicks in the FTA.


Export Graphics

Fault trees can be exported in different image formats (BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, RLE, SVG). You can use a variety of design options, such as the use of colors.


Export all calculated probabilities as an Excel list. Furthermore, you have the possibility to filter an overview of all gates and evets and also to export as Excel.

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