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Import or create your Bills of Materials (BOMs) in the SOX Reliability module. FIT values are calculated in the SOX Reliablity module in compliance with project-specific profiles and can be used for various analyzes.

Definition of BOMs (Bill of Materials)

Create extensive and detailed bills of material with little effort. The SOX Reliability Editor provides you with corresponding filters and short cuts, which optimally support you in your workflow. The supplied and expandable catalogs of failure rates (SN29500, IEC62380) and failure modes (IEC62380, Birolini) give you extensive possibilities to carry out a reliability analysis according to your specifications.


Import/Export of BOMs with Excel Data

SOX can be integrated without exception into your previous development environment. With the SOX BOM template you can exchange and update your BOMs between SOX and Microsoft Excel as you like. Rather, the calculated or imported values can be transferred to the quantitative analyzes (FMEDA, FTA).

Failure Rates and Failure Mode Catalog

The supplied catalogs of failure rates and failure modes contain all the corresponding parameters and values defined in the relevant standards. Rather, you can modify and extend these catalogs as desired or create individual catalogs. These catalogs are also available for your users globally and can be provided with a rights & roles concept.


Definition of Mission and Temperature Profiles

Create and define temperature and mission profiles that you can reuse as often as you like. These can also be combined into catalogs.

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