ATA - Attack Tree Analysis

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Calculate the Threat Level in the SOX module ATA and track the progress of your analysis with the possibility to consign a status and to assign tasks. As an ATA software, the SOX module ATA provides the possibolity, besides the option to display variants, to build up the whole Threat until the Vulnerability Definition. You can assess the Threat Level at the lowest level and let it propagate until the highest level – the Threat.

Modeling of Attack Trees

Model large attack trees by creating all standard ATA gates and events via drag & drop. Page Breaks keep track of complex attack trees. If there are some parts and paths identical in any Attack Trees, they can be transfered easily, so the effort is reduced.

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Export Graphics

Attack Trees can be exported in different image formats (BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, RLE, SVG). You can use a variety of design options, such as the use of colors.


Export all calculated Threat Levels as an Excel list. Furthermore, you have the possibility to filter an overview of all gates and events and also to export as an Excel file.

ATA Report
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