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  • Supports OMG standard ReqIF exchange format and import of MS Office
  • Workflow support for managing the requirement status
  • Definition of project tasks and allocation of requirements

The SOX Requirement module offers a complete solution for elicitation, tracking and analyzing requirements. Import your product requirements specifications from Excel, Word, ReqIF or Rif and create the functional specification document in SOX. For this, you can reuse data former projects from the server-based catalog, compare different concepts and make status alignments via the SOX Traceability Matrix.

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The SOX Documents module supports you in creating individual configurable documents for creating your safety case with one click.


  • Definition of rules and queries
  • Definition of the document status
  • Generation of Review documents

Available in SOX V3.3

Test Coverage

  • Definition of test cases
  • Export of test cases
  • Import and display of test results

Create test cases based on your requirements in SOX and pass them to their specific testing tools. Please approach us for specific data outputs. We will adjust the output in XML so you can pass SOX test cases along to your test tools and read back the status, so as to generate maximum assistance in the preparation of your project-related traceability.


  • Linkage to the SOX modules FMEA, FTA, Markov, and RBD
  • Standard catalogs of failure rates: SN 29500, IEC 62380
  • Standard catalogs of failure modes: Birolini, IEC 62380

Import or create your Bills of Materials (BOMs) in the SOX Reliability module. FIT values are calculated in the SOX RE module in compliance with project-specific profiles and can be used for various analyzes.

SOX also enables the semiquantitative analysis from semiconductors down to their parts (DIE and Package) and sub-areas (Blocks), according to ISO26262 (part 11) and ISO PAS 19451.

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  • Supports the standards DIN 25424 and IEC 61025
  • Boundary value analysis and minimum intersection analysis
  • Application of fault models

Calculate required probabilities in the SOX module FTA and track the progress of your analysis with the possibility to consign a status and to assign tasks. As an FTA software, the SOX module FTA provides the possibility, besides the option to display variants, to take over hardware and system effects of the FMEA or failure modes from the FMEDA and to link them simply by drag & drop. Sources and effects of risks are therefore systematically identified and eliminated with appropriate countermeasures (e.g. diagnoses).

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  • Supports Safety standards IEC 61508 and ISO 26262
  • Quantitative analysis ISO 26262 (part 11) and ISO PAS 19451.
  • Analysis on module, component and¬†semiconductor level

The SOX FMEDA supports you in creating FMEDAs for industry-specific safety standards (e.g. ISO 26262, IEC 61508). Calculate your safety target specific metrics for each module and the overall system in the SOX module FMEDA and track the progress of your analysis with the possibility to consign a status and to assign tasks.

SOX also enables the quantitative analysis from semiconductors down to their parts (DIE and Package) and sub-areas (Blocks), according to ISO 26262 (part 11) and ISO PAS 19451.

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  • Structure of FMEA according to VDA 4.3¬†& AIAG (5 steps method)
  • Tracing and display of safety requirements (e. g. SIL, ASIL, PL)
  • Connection to the SOX module Requirements (RIF / ReqIF) and System Design (SysML / UML)

The SOX FMEA supports in risk analysis according to VDA 6 & AIAG. One of the many unique selling points is to analyze electronic components professionally. Besides the option to display variants the SOX module FMEA provides the possibility to define your own error nets and measures, depending on the system status (development, operation, service). Sources and effects of risks are therefore systematically identified and eliminated with appropriate countermeasures (for example, diagnoses).

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Safety Concept

  • Supports OMG SysML / UML standards
  • Support of various safety standards (ISO 26262, IEC 61508, et al)
  • Project-wide universality of Safety Indicators

SOX Concept Designer is available as an extension of the system designer and can be used in the SOX Workbench. You can find out the special added value through the extension of the concept designer, which offers the possibility of taking into account various safety standards, such as ISO 26262 or IEC 61508 to model industry-specific security concepts (functional / technical security concept).


  • Allocates and rates threats which based on cyber attacks amongst other things
  • Evaluates risks in accordance to the norm ISO/SAE 21434 and the guidebook SAE J3061
  • TARA generation based on your previous UML/SysML or PreeVision system design

The SOX TARA allows the allocation, management and evaluation of assets, effects, threats, operating conditions and security attributes. The evaluation matrix facilitates the individual assembly of different security level reviews. Selected aspects can be filtered, sorted and viewed in a variety of configurations.

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  • Support for ISO 26262, IEC 61508, ISO 25119, ISO 12100/14121 MRL, MIL-882, ISO 13849, ISO 62061 and ISO 61511
  • Server-based catalogs and document filing
  • Analysis of hazards and safety requirements (safety goals)

The SOX module hazard and risk analysis (HARA) elicit your security needs and assemble various safety reviews (SIL, ASIL, PL, etc.).

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System Designer

  • Supports OMG SysML / UML standards
  • Import and export options to existing solutions via XMI (e.g. Enterprise Architect)
  • Connection to the SOX module Requirements (RIF / ReqIF)

The SOX module system designer represents a comprehensive solution for modeling your specific system using the OMG SysML 1.4 and UML 2.0 standards. Define your system using a variety of chart types and link it based on specific requirements which can be passed into the SOX module Requirements.

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  • Multi-User functionality to achieve the highest level of collaboration in complex system
  • Centralized data management
  • Versioning
  • Collaborative management of customizable catalogs

Attack Tree

  • Taking threats from the TARA via Drag & Drop
  • AND- & OR-Gates
  • Customizable variables representing the probabilities of an Asset Attack

The SOX module AT makes graphical representations of attack paths available, providing Attack Goals, Attack Objectives, Attack Methods, and Asset Attacks and connects them with the responding AND and OR gates. Beyond the usual entities, Undeveloped Events and Transfers, referencing repeated nodes in different attack paths can be created.

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