Creating a Requirement Specification

Creating a Requirement file
  1. Open the New requirements file dialog and enter a name.
Creating new Requirement Types
  1. Open the New requirement type dialog.
  2. Create and add attributes.
Creating Requirement Modules
  1. Open the New module dialog.
  2. Enter a name.
Creating Requirements

Precondition: A requirement module was created.

  1. Open the New requirement dialog.
  2. Select a type.
  3. Enter some content.
Adding pictures to Requirements

Pictures and screenshots can be added to Requirements per drag & drop from your system into the RM editor or by using the XHTML editor. Images can only be added into the cells of the columns that have XHTML type.

Possible image file formats: jpeg, png, gif, svg.

Precondition: Requirements were created.

  1. Drag the desired image and drop it into a cell.
  2. Navigate to the XHTML editor.
  3. Click the Insert an image icon.

Linking Requirements

Linking Requirements
  1. Drag & drop a Requirement on to another Req., while holding Ctrl + Shift.
Determining linked Requirements

Precondition: Requirements were linked.

  1. Select a Requirement.
  2. Navigate to the Traces view.

Safety Functionalities

Assigning Safety Goals

Precondition: Safety goals and requirements were created. 

  1. Drag & drop the Safety Goal into the Safety Goals column of the Requirement.
Adding a Safety Classification
  1. Open the Add safety level dialog.
  2. Select the norm (ISO26262, IEC61508, IEC13849, ISO25119)
  3. Select the safety level (ASIL, SIL, PL, MSIL, AGPL)
  1. Open the Decompose menu.
  2. Select the decomposition level.


Creating a Baseline
  1. Open the baseline creation dialog.
  2. Enter a name.
  3. Select the desired requirements.
Baseline Report
  1. Switch to the baseline version of a project.
  2. Open a requriement document.
  3. Open the print dialog.


ReqIf Import

Precondition: A requirement file was created and opened. 

  1. Open the Requirements Import dialog.
  2. Select the requirements file which should be imported.
ReqIf Export

Precondition: A requirement file was created and opened. 

  1. Open the ReqIF export dialog.
  2. Select the modules which should be exported.
  3. Select a storage location.
Excel Import with Mapping

Precondition: An RM file was already created and the to be imported Excel file fullfils the Enco scheme

  1. Open an RM file.
  2. Open the import from excel wizard.
  3. Select the excel file.
  4. Create an import configuration.
  5. Select the to be imported content.
  6. Create the mapping.
Generate Report

Precondition: A requirement file was created and opened. 

  1. Open the Print dialog.
  2. Select a storage location.
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