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FMEDA Thesis
FMEDA Thesis

The SOX FMEDA assists you in producing FMEDAs according to industry-specific safety standards (eg ISO 26262, IEC 61508). Calculate your safety target-specific metrics per assembly and overall system and track the progress of your analysis with the option of entering a status and assigning tasks. The SOX module FMEDA offers you the possibility to take over hardware and system effects from the FMEA as well as the possibility to map them via Drag & Drop. Sources and effects of risks are thus systematically identified and eliminated with appropriate countermeasures (such as diagnostics).
The SOX FMEDA module has a variety of evaluation options using the reliability module to generate failure rates after e.g. SN 29500 and IEC 62380.

FMEDA on Semiconductor Level

The semiquantitative failure mode analysis for semiconductors enables a separate consideration and evaluation of the different subranges of integrated circuits, according to ISO26262 and ISO PAS 19451. SOX enables the required basis error rate and metric calculation for DIE and Package and their subareas, taking into account safety target violations, the percent FIT distribution, the handling of hardware and software errors and the diagnostic coverage (DC) of the security mechanisms are used.


Safety Trace - Hardware- / System Effects and Safety Goals Assignment

Easily assign one or more hardware and system effects as a direct effect of the part failure modes. By synchronizing with the SOX FMEA module, the relationships between hardware and system effects as well as their assigned security objectives are taken over into the FMEDA based on failure nets.


Create and assign diagnostic measures/security mechanisms to reduce and control component faults, with the potential to breach one or more security objectives. The SOX library has predefined and individually expandable catalogs of measures according to ISO 26262 (part 5) and IEC 61508.

FMEDA Thesis

Calculation of Metrics according to ISO26262

Calculation of Single Point Metric (SPF) and Latent Fault Metric (LF) and Probabilistic Metric of random Hardware Failures (PMHF), according to ISO26262, per safety target. Automatic output of the Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) based on the calculation results.

Calculation of Metrics according to IEC61508

Calculation of λSD, λSU, λDD and λDU, according to IEC 61508, per safety target. Automatic output of the Safety Integrity Level (SIL) based on the calculation results. Direct visualization of the results and comparison with the required safety integrity.

FMEDA Thesis
SN29500_Import_with_Mapping.xlsx - Excel

Seamless BOM import

Transfer of self-produced bills of material from the SOX Reliability module or import of Excel-based bills of material through standardized or customer-specific import templates. Individually configurable import options enable targeted reading of HW design and component information as well as the comparison of existing BOM content.


Create comprehensive and freely configurable reports at the component and module level as official proof documents. An output of analysis results in various data formats (PDF, XLSX).

FMEDA Thesis
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