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The SOX FMEA supports in risk analysis according to VDA6, AIAG. One of the many unique selling points is to analyze electronic components professionally. Besides the option to display variants the SOX module FMEA provides the possibility to define your own failure nets and measures, depending on the system status (development, operation, service). Sources and effects of risks are therefore systematically identified and eliminated with appropriate countermeasures (for example, diagnoses).

The SOX FMEA module uses standardized form sheets and includes numerous evaluation and reporting options. The SOX FMEA allows the transfer between design and process FMEA. The SOX server-based catalogs also enable easy re-use of available FMEAs and safety analyses. The SOX documents are
stored in a central database, which allows simultaneous access by multiple users.


SOX includes all 6 steps to create an FMEA according to VDA. Define the system boundaries with the SOX System Designer and simply pass the data to the SOX-FMEA module with two clicks. For optimal orientation, the system and fault analysis are graphically supported. A form sheet and control plan editor is available for analyzing and optimizing security measures to help you create a large report.

FMEA Work Process


SOX is shipped with predefined AIAG and VDA catalogs which contain standardized ratings for the risk analysis and calculate the RPN. You can create individual catalogs or edit existing ones. These catalogs can be used by every user which is connected to the server. Of course, they also can be exported and imported.

Reports and Statistics

The FMEA module provides all standardized reports such as form sheets and control plans that can be exported in various formats, such as PDF. Also, you can request personalized forms that best suit your personal and technical needs. In addition, SOX provides standard statistics such as Pareto, RMR, matrix analysis, difference analysis, and Ishikawa diagram.

Form sheet


The FMEA module offers many integration solutions into your engineering environment with different data formats:

  • bidirectional MSR/XML interface
  • bidirectional UML/SysML interface
  • RIF/ReqIF import and export (e.g. DOORS)
  • Excel Roundtrip for generating objects.

There is also a bidirectional data exchange between SOX modules (Requirements, FMEDA, FTA, System Design).


For every module of SOX, there are separated perspectives. Perspectives are collections of views which are necessary for editing the according document. In the FMEA perspective, you are provided with all necessary views for creating an FMEA e.g. failure nets, function nets. Furthermore, the failure net will be created automatically by linking the failures via Drag & Drop. The Drag & Drop functionality runs through the complete software, so you can reuse objects in different projects. There is also a zoom function which allows you to keep track of complex FMEA structures.

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